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Who doesn’t want to go on a vacation? We are always busy with our work and going on vacation can give you the chance to relax. There are lots of beautiful holiday destinations across the world and New Zealand is one of the most popular places to visit.

The entire country has different things to offer tourists. If you are planning to go to New Zealand for your next holiday then you must visit the Bay of Islands. It’s a beautiful place and you will enjoy the natural beauty and history of this place.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand is simply paradise on earth, consisting of 144 beautiful islands. There are boutique towns as well. It only takes about 3 hours by road from Auckland and is a favourite destination for holidaymakers.

Apart from the stunning natural beauty, this place has historical attractions as well. It is known as the birthplace of New Zealand. It gives you a glimpse of the early European settlement. You will get to know about Maori culture too.

This magazine will be your guide to visit the Bay of Islands. Here you will get articles on the best places to visit in the Bay of Islands, its history, culture, people, food, and more. You will know about the different tour operators and learn about the activities you can do here.

You will learn more about accommodation, restaurants, and other amenities. If you decide to visit the Bay of Islands, you must read this magazine. You will get the latest updates about the weather, politics, transportation, and other important things about this place so that you can make the most of your time here.

Our magazine contains stunning pictures of the beautiful locations of the Bay of Islands. You will see pictures of wildlife, seafood, historic towns, and more. You will learn about activities like hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, and others. It is a detailed guide to your vacation to Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

You will also get contact information of different tour operators, hotels, restaurants, bars, and transport service providers. We also publish stories of different travellers who have already visited, which can be a great source of useful advice for first-time visitors.

You will enjoy reading this colourful and informative magazine. Thank you for visiting our site. You can contact us for more information about the magazine.