Featuredimage Top 5 Travel and Nature themed Slots You Can Play Online - Top 5 Travel and Nature-themed Slots You Can Play Online

Top 5 Travel and Nature-themed Slots You Can Play Online

New Zealand is a beautiful country and if you live there you are lucky. You don’t need to travel anywhere on vacation. You can just sit in your home and enjoy nature.

Along with viewing the natural beauty of New Zealand through your windows, you can have some fun too. There are lots of online casinos in New Zealand and you can play different slot games here.

As you are in the holiday mood, it makes sense to play travel or nature-themed slot games. Here are some good recommendations for you.

Vacation Station Deluxe Slot

If you are not going anywhere on vacation, you can still get the holiday vibe by playing this online slot game. It features everything from hot air balloons to submarines. It was developed by Playtech and is a 3-reel slot game with loads of opportunities to win.

Sunset Beach Slot

Feeling like going to a beach? Well playing this game will help you picture yourself enjoying a sunny day on a beautiful beach. This game features sunny days, sandy beaches and the blue sea. The symbols include surfer girls, cocktails, and other beach essentials.

The game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines and was developed by Playtech. There are free spins and you get to win 3000 times your stake when you play for the jackpot. Sunset Beach slot is one of the most popular beach-themed slot games out there.

Hawaiian Treasure Hunt

You will get the experience of a tropical paradise by playing this game.  You will see pristine beaches, hibiscus flowers and other things that will remind you of a holiday in Hawaii. There are free spins and wild symbols that will allow you to win more money. It is a 5-reel slot developed by Ash Entertainment.

Beach Life Slot

This game will remind you of your most memorable beach holiday. There are visuals of everything related to the beach like ice cream, treasure chests, sun, scuba divers, and more. The game is very colourful and enjoyable. You get the opportunity to win the rewarding progressive jackpot.

Big Break Slot

This is a fun game from Microgaming. The game is visually appealing and will remind you of a vacation. Here you will see a monkey and gorilla taking a break to spend time surfing. There are extra spins and multipliers in this game that is sure to make your experience even more exciting.

You can use apps like the Spin Palace Casino app to play these games. You will experience an amazing theme, visuals, and sound. You will have a great experience playing these games, and you may even end up believing you are on vacation.

Post Author: Megan Gill