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Top 7 Things to Do In Bay Of Islands

If you are an adventure-seeking person then you will have a great time in the Bay of Islands. There are lots of interesting activities you can do here.

The tour operators here are very friendly and will give you the unique opportunity to explore the place in many different ways. If you visit the Bay of Islands, you must experience the following activities.

Cruising around the bay

The tour operators offer different types of cruises. You can have a look around the bay and its outer islands, or you can go on a sailing tour or a speed boat tour. You can also go on a cruise to watch whales or swim with the dolphins.

The starting point of all these cruises is mostly the Paihia Wharf. If you prefer, you can do some island hopping and see the different beaches.

Postimage Top 7 Things to Do In Bay Of Islands Cycling - Top 7 Things to Do In Bay Of Islands


If you think that Bay of Islands is all about water, then you are wrong. There are some beautiful trails on land which you can explore by cycling.

There is the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park where you can have a roller coaster ride with your bikes for the ultimate adventure. You can go along the Twin Coast Cycle Trail and enjoy the natural views of the stunning countryside.


If you are afraid of heights, then here is the chance to challenge your inner fear. You can go skydiving from 16,000 feet above the ground and enjoy viewing the beautiful Bay of Islands from the sky.

The weather is good here almost throughout the year. The drop zone is on the beach, so you will have an awesome feeling. The tour operators offer great photo packages, so you can have the memory of this lifetime experience captured forever.

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Scuba diving

You will find lots of marine animals in the waters of the Bay of Islands. So, it is a good idea to go scuba diving and experience the beautiful marine life underneath the sea. You can visit underwater caves and reefs as well.


There are many spots for kayaking in the Bay of Islands, but the Haruru Waterfall is one of the best. You can go kayaking along the Waitangi River too, you can even kayak along the mangrove forest and observe wildlife.

Horse riding

You can go horse riding for a few hours along beautiful trails. This will allow you to experience the beautiful natural scenery of the Bay of Islands from another perspective. It will be a refreshing journey for you to go along beautiful trails covered with greenery.

Playing golf

There are lots of beautiful golf courses in the Bay of Islands. You will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of nature and wonderful beaches. It is a great outdoor activity if you are on vacation.

For any of these activities, you must find a good tour operator. They know the place well and will be able to guide you. Different tour operators have different packages. You should choose the package according to your time and budget.

Going on a guided tour is always safe and more enjoyable. You will have a great time visiting the Bay of Islands if you can experience some of these activities.

Post Author: Megan Gill