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Our magazine is very rich in informative content. We try to provide our readers with useful information to help them have a great vacation in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. You will find new articles every week and will be able to get the latest news about this place.

If you have written for travel magazines before and if you know a lot about the Bay of Islands, then you can write for us.


Your article must be original, you shouldn’t repeat any topic that we have covered already. The word limit is less than 800 words, and your work must be free of plagiarism. Your article titles have to be engaging and interesting.

If you mention any facts or news, you must include the source of your information. You are encouraged to include pictures and make sure there is no copyright issue. We maintain a high standard of writing and your writing style must match with ours.


You must first send us a sample of your writing so that we can get an idea about the quality of your work. Once we approve it you can submit the article. Before submitting the article, you should check for any grammatical or typing errors.

You should include a short author bio along with a link to your site and submit the article and any relevant picture via email. Your article will be reviewed by our team and once it is approved it will be published.

If you have further inquiries, please contact us. We will be glad to help you. Thank you for showing interest in writing for us, we hope to hear from you soon.